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It has taken a little over a week to locate a high speed internet cafe - I tried low speed internet and it is very, very slow. The place I am now at does not have a real time or day when it is opened - it's all a matter of luck and today I was lucky.

I am outside of Kathmandu in a place called Budhanilkantha it is near Rudreshwon Chok (or they are one in the same - I have not figured that out yet !) My placement was changed to a different orphanage - something I have learnt since I have been here - things just happen and you need to go along with it or you will drive yourself crazy. So instead of 7 children there are 27 children. There are no health or safety standards here - proof is that they come to me if they are hurt - that has been interesting - I only know band-aids so I have a lot of kids running around with all sorts of different size band-aids.

I am hoping to add pictures soon to this blog thing which I am still trying to figure out. So hopefully within the upcoming week I can add some and make this more interesting. I have lots of pictures and have the feeling if I don't add them to the blog I would end up being one of those people who say "come over for supper and you can look at my vacation slides"

I have lots to say however I have to wait until next time as there are regular power outages - and I already know one is coming as it happens every second day at the same time.

Hopefully I will write again in a couple of days and give you information about my travels to date. So far it has been 8 days but it seems like a life time ago I left Edmonton - I could not have imaged this in my wildest dreams.

Just a thought before I sign off - just a little interesting fact about Nepal and the Monks - I now know why they can mediate for hours and why they are so mellow - We went for a walk up a mountain (that was interesting in itself - again go with the flow) and we saw all these fields of marijuana plants. It is illegal in Nepal to grow or smoke marijuana unless you are a monk. It is all so interesting.

Until next time

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Here I Go to Kathmandu

As I sit on the eve of my departure I can't help but think "What am I doing ?" I think it is the last minute concerns about travelling half way around the world and being unsure of what is to come. As so many people have said this is an experience of a life time - they are so right. I can never think of a time when I decided this is it - now is the time to do something that maybe meaningful and so totally out of my comfort zone. I certainly will see over the next two months as to what this experience will whole. I do know that living with out clean water, no hot water and other plumbing will be an experience in itself - this is from a person who hates camping at the best of time.

For all those who think I am brave - I really am not. Lots of people do this everyday and some actually keep going back to help and support those who live in the 3rd world. Those are the people I think that are brave. I look at a wonderful person I met Wanda - she is one of those heros. One of those very special people who will make a difference in this world.

I have been so overwhelmed by the things that have been given to me - supplies and funds - but more important then that is all the good wishes and the support that have been given to me. I feel so lucky. That is something that I hold dearly in my heart.

Next time I write I will be in Kathmandu - let the adventure begin !!!

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Here I Go



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